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Editorial Design

Books: Editorial Design

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Kaserne Basel

Music / Dance / Theater
2008 – 2018

Kaserne Basel: Music / Dance / Theater<br>2008 – 2018

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Corporate & Editorial Design

Culturescapes: Corporate & Editorial Design

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theater for literature

sogar: theater for literature

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Basel Sinfonietta

Contemporary Classical Music

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Art Fair in New York and Basel

Volta: Art Fair in New York and Basel

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Rakete Dreispitz

Backlit Lettering & Signage

Rakete Dreispitz: Backlit Lettering & Signage

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Merian Gärten

Gartenfest zum 50. Jubiläum

Merian Gärten: Gartenfest zum 50. Jubiläum

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Signage system

Aktienmühle: Signage system

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Christoph Niemann

Exhibition Design

Christoph Niemann: Exhibition Design

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Glass Handicraft / Max Frisch / SGG

Stamps: Glass Handicraft / Max Frisch / SGG

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Oslo Night

Art Festival

Oslo Night: Art Festival

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Winsor McCay

Exhibition Graphics

Winsor McCay: Exhibition Graphics

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Opéra de Lausanne

Motion Graphics

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Museum of Broken Relationships

A Traveling Exhibition

Museum of Broken Relationships: A Traveling Exhibition

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The Cultural Magazine of the
Christoph Merian Foundation

Shortcut: The Cultural Magazine of the<br>Christoph Merian Foundation

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Vorstadttheater Basel

Theater for All Ages

Vorstadttheater Basel: Theater for All Ages

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Large Scale Lettering for a Temporary Cultural Space

Dreispitzhalle: Large Scale Lettering for a Temporary Cultural Space

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Waldhauser + Hermann

energy-conscious building services

Waldhauser + Hermann: energy-conscious building services

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It’s the Real Thing

Basler Dokumentartage

It’s the Real Thing: Basler Dokumentartage

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Dublin Contemporary 2011

Ireland’s International Art Exhibition

Dublin Contemporary 2011: Ireland’s International Art Exhibition

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Oslo Building
Children’s Home in Brugg
HeK / Atelier Mondial

Signage: Oslo Building<br>Children’s Home in Brugg<br>Kasernenareal<br>HeK / Atelier Mondial

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Design and Programming

Websites: Design and Programming

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Film Poster, Titles & Credits

Neuland: Film Poster, Titles & Credits

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Joost Swarte

Exhibition Graphics

Joost Swarte: Exhibition Graphics

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Coup de coeur

Projects we are fond of

Coup de coeur: Projects we are fond of

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