Hauser, Schwarz


The MUKS is a hands-on museum. The former “Spielzeugmuseum Riehen” was rebuilt and the permanent exhibition was completely redesigned and divided into the two parts “Spiel” (play) and “Dorf” (village). In collaboration with MUKS, EMYL and teamstratenwerth, we developed the graphic exhibition elements in a 2-year process. We also designed a new signage system for the winding rooms of the historic building. The playful approach is evident in the elaborate room titles as well as in the wayfinding.

MUKS – Museum Kultur & Spiel Riehen


Concept and scenography: EMYL
Curation: MUKS (Spiel), 
teamstratenwerth (Dorf)
Realization room titles: Kornel Vogt
Illustration: Oculus, Paula Troxler, Emily Wren

Exhibition graphics


The conversion of the museum required a completely new routing for the winding building with the aspiration of a playful impression to match the design of the permanent exhibition.

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