Hauser, Schwarz

Erde am Limit – Ausstellungsgrafik

The exhibition Earth at its Limits clarifies the role of us humans in nature and asks: What is the state of our planet? What are the long-term consequences of our actions? How can we shape the future differently? The exhibition graphics explain the division of the rooms into six Big Issues and communicate with the visitors in two languages. At interactive stations designed and programmed by us, content can be experienced and deepened in a playful way. Numerous infographics and a 20-metre-long timeline complement the cardboard text panels. For the production of the exhibition, great attention was paid to sustainability and for the scenography, existing materials were used in many cases.

Natural History Museum Basel
20.11.20 – 03.07.2022

Alice Kolb

Exhibition graphics
Interactive stations

Interaktive Stationen

Design and programming of the interactive stations Climate Simulator and Fishing.

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