Hauser, Schwarz

Oslo Building

Signage at the OSLO building in the Dreispitz Area, which houses studios for art, crafts, and commerce, retains the same typeface we developed for the Dreispitzhalle. The light, linear lettering is easily incorporated into the sober architectural design of the building fully painted in white/gray. A white neon sign subtly stands out in front of the facade during the day, and shines bright until deep into the night.

A project of the Christoph Merian Foundation, 2011

Children’s Home in Brugg

The new and renovated buildings of the Children’s Home in Brugg required the development of complete labeling and signage systems: among these were the exterior signs, the general building maps, the floor layouts, as well as room signs with specifically designed pictograms. Year: 2010 – Architects: ds.architekten


The Kasernenareal in Basel includes a diverse mix of culture, cuisine, and education. The three columns at the entrance points to the area and the corresponding signage by the building doors make the tenants easier to locate and boosts the identity of the place as a whole. Year: 2009

HeK / Atelier Mondial

Building and indoor signage for the HeK (House of Electronic Arts Basel) and the international grant program Atelier Mondial.

Year 2014 – Architecture: Rüdisühli Ibach Architekten

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