Hauser, Schwarz

Davos Signage

Davos is well known for its winter and sommer sports activities, as well as for its health center. The city also gets an important amount of attention during the WEF at the Congress Center. Our signage concept brings clarity in the orientation throughout the city and the key element – the monolith – stands as a strong icon in the heterogeneous architecture landscape. Its shine and great size gets the attention of the visitor whether by daylight or by night.

Study Contract:
Contract of the City of Davos



The monolith is a slim and elegant column. Its floor plan consists of two triangles that form a square and is directly inspired by the logo of the city. Light shines from a narrow gap in the middle of the monolith thus drawing the visitor’s attention. By changing the light and screen activity, it can adapt to special events in a playful way.

System Family

The system family consists of three basic elements: monolith (including Screen), minilith and signpost. The monolith is located at the main arrival points (train stations, important parking lots) and other nodes. It is distinctive, clearly visible and also serves as signage within a certain distance. There are two smaller miniliths placed along on the promenade which inform the visitor about their orientaion and the history of Davos. The individual signposts are simple and correspond in shape and material to the monolith.


The new signage encourages the visitors to explore Davos on foot. Whenever possible, they will be guided along the attractive promenade.

Digital Screen

The event calendar shows the latest events and highlights one in a rotation process. The visitor can switch between languages and topics using physical buttons rather than a touch function.

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