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SGG and Max Frisch SGG and Max Frisch

200 Years of Glass Handicraft in Hergiswil

200 Jahre Glashandwerk Schweiz

Max Frisch

On occasion of the festivities for Swiss author Max Frisch’s 100th anniversary, we designed in 2010 a commemorative stamp for the Swiss Post. Frisch’s sober writing style is mirrored in a clean and sober stamp. We opted for a portrait of the author by Fernand Rausser, to reference two important themes of his work. On the one side, the silhouette references the topic of the search for identity, while on the other side the pensive look in front of a neutral background and the word Helvetia symbolizes the intensive critical focus with which the author approached his home country.

Max Frisch

Schweizerische Gemeinnützige Gesellschaft

The stamp for the 200th anniversary of the Schweizerische Gemeinnützige Gesellschaft (a Swiss welfare organisation) stands for a diverse, united, and equal coexistence.


Workshop “Swiss Personality”

Albert Hofmann, Ursula Andress, Claude Nobs, Jean Ziegler: which image, which creative realization, which font will best represent a given person on the surface of a stamp? 25 Students tried to find answers to these questions during a 4-day workshop we conducted at the HGK FHNW.


Johanna Spyri, 1827–1901
Sophia Fotsch

Roman Signer, *1938
Ben Brodmann

Mani Matter, 1936–1972
Michelle Moser

Pipilotti Rist, *1962
Claudia Nünlist

Dimitri, *1935
Carine Mangold

Ursula Andress, *1936
Nicole Christen

Carl Jung, 1875–1961
Jordan Marzuki

Albert Hofmann, 1906–2008
Stephanie Wullschleger

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